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Hall of Fame

Team Builder Award

Tom Bailey

As we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Lincoln Leapers Jump Rope Club we wanted to provide a history of the origins of our club. The roots of the team stem from the Jump Rope for Heart, a fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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It all began on the pavement of Campden School.  In the late 1970’s those that were interested students at the school were gathered together and they began working to develop their jump rope skills.  Fundraising and performances and competitions then followed.  The skills of those members were honed, practiced, and mastered.


Members gathered together on weekends and transported around the region to do performances and competitions. The group became aware of a skipping club in Seattle and the team went on a cross-country international road trip.  This trip was a pivotal event whose impact was not known at the time.  The team that attended learned new moves at a skipping camp and then they were hooked.

When they returned the team shared what they learned and skipping then became part of the school’s gym curriculum.  Word spread and other schools expressed interest in being shown what could be done with a single rope. Return trips to Seattle, competitions, workshops, and advancing skills continued to follow.


In 1982 this school club from Campden lead to the formation of Canada’s first jump rope competitive team – The Lincoln Leapers!

All of this could not have happened without the dedication of the driver of that famous van, his dedication over many years to helping youth learn and grow and become confident in skill development and performance. And perhaps most importantly helping the members grow into young confident adults.


We would like to celebrate our 40th anniversary by honoring posthumously the founder of our club and naming 

Mr. Tom Bailey

as the first inductee into the

Lincoln Leapers Team Builder Hall of Fame.

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