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Competitive Team

Competitive jump rope is a fast-paced, dynamic, and engaging sport that emerged in Canada over thirty years ago. Individuals and teams compete in a variety of speed and freestyle events using both single and double dutch ropes.


In order to excel in jump rope athletes must demonstrate speed, power, endurance, creativity, and strength skills. Athletes compete at the Regional, Provincial, National, and International levels. World Championships are held every 2 years and athletes must qualify as a member of team Canada to compete.

Lincoln Leapers Competitive Team 2024.jpg

Competitive athletes train 2 or more days per week and attend various weekend workshops throughout the year to advance their skills and prepare for competition.

More information about competitive jump rope can be found on each of the governing body websites below:

The provincial governing body for jump rope is the Ontario Rope Skipping Organization (ORSO).

The national governing body for jump rope is Rope Skipping Canada (RSC).

The International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) is the international-level governing body.

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