Heart and Soul

"The Lincoln Leapers were presented with the Heart and Soul award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation on February 24, 2014. This award recognizes Heart and Stroke volunteer teams who demonstrate loyalty and commitment contributing to the success… [Read More]

Skippers leap into action at Brock

The friendships were as fun as leaping through the air for Megan Green.
The 15-year-old Lincoln Leapers skipper joined her team over the weekend at the National Skipping Championships at Brock University. The Leapers set several personal bests, but for Green, half the fun was going up against skipping squads from coast to coast and [Read More]

Lincoln Leapers head to Nationals

For their 30th anniversary, the Lincoln Leapers would love nothing more than to bring home the gold.
With two Ontario championships already to their credit in 2012, coach Carly Simpson wants even more from the five teams who [Read More]