ORSO Skipping Workshop & Judging Clinic

Saturday November 8, 9am 
Sunday November 9, 8:30am

Glendale Secondary School in Hamilton,145 Rainbow Drive.
Doors will open at 8am Saturday & Sunday morning.
The ORSO Board has decided to try something new and hopefully fun for all participants during the workshop. This year they will have a full day Skills workshop on Saturday and on Sunday mix up all the jumpers and have a fun competition. Non-competitive members are welcome to attend on Saturday and registration for non competitive members will be $20.
ORSO would like all jumpers to experience something new and exciting and give them the opportunity to get to know jumpers from other clubs. No awards will be given out for this event. The way it will work depends on the ages and number of participants that are registered. ORSO will be splitting all the jumpers up so no one is skipping with someone from their own team
On Sunday morning there will be lists posted with who everyone will be skipping with. Jumpers will work on routines with their “new group" and learn some new skills in preparation for the afternoons fun competition. After lunch all the new judges and some old ones that took the judging course will be thrown into action. Each team will compete hopefully in 4 events: 2 speed and 2 freestyle. Big reminder this is all for fun! The 2 speed events are 4 person single rope speed and 4x45 double dutch speed relay. The 2 freestyle events are 4 person single rope team freestyle and 1 double dutch pairs freestyle.
There is an ask that no one is to wear their uniform. Participants must be dressed in appropriate jumping attire - shorts, t-shirt, socks & running shoes — and are to bring their own water bottle. Participants who are not dressed in appropriate jumping attire will not be allowed to participate due to safety reasons.
A pre-order lunch form will be sent out for those who wish to order lunches on Saturday.
All workshop/participants and those assigned to judge on Sunday afternoon will be afforded a free pizza lunch. All other attendees will be able to pre-order the pizza lunch.
Sunday morning will be the ORSO AGM - all parents are welcome & encouraged to attend!! Any proposed rule, event and / or regulation changes will be discussed and voted on at this AGM.
A judges clinic will be offered for all judging events — speed, creativity and difficulty. All second year parents are to attend as you will be required to start judging this year in order for your skipper to compete in any competitions Also, if you are a new parent, a coach or if it has been more than 3 years since you have been certified please sign up to attend. All parents & coaches are welcome!
ORSO is hoping to attract a large number of community (non-ORSO) members to participate in the workshop. Given this, ORSO members who are 14+ that are interested and willing to teach are encourage to apply to be volunteer instructors. Instructors must be in the gym by 8am on Saturday and be willing to work on a staff show during lunch. A small number of volunteer instructors will also be asked to teach on Sunday. Teaching staff will be selected from the pool of volunteer instructors by the organizing committee. US instructors will be participating as well. All teaching staff will receive a t-shirt and lunch on the day(s) they teach.