Skipping for Fitness, Jumping for Fun!

A long way from the playground, skipping is becoming more and more popular, with athletes from a multitude of sporting backgrounds utilising the simple techniques to increase fitness. Boxers have used it for coordination and endurance training for years, cross-fit athletes use it as part of their training regularly, weight loss experts recommend skipping for people trying to get in shape…..

What is all the hype about?

Skipping is a full body work out that improves everything – balance, coordination, weight loss, muscle development, cardiovascular power, endurance – plus its lots of fun! Your rope is portable, light-weight and can be used easily by the whole family.

You have to remember that skipping is a skill, and to get better you have to practice. Once you have chosen a rope that is suitable for you(we recommend a light, plastic rope as this type of material is very versatile and should fit most skill levels), get jumping! This skill requires – and builds – a lot of coordination, so if it takes a while to get the rhythm, don’t worry. It will come!

Soon you will begin to see some serious health improvements. Make sure you are wearing shoes that have good support, and jumping on appropriate surface, such as a gym floor. This will help prevent injury, as high impact jumping can be damaging to the knees. If you have any concerns about your ability to withstand jumping and cardiovascular exercise, please consult with your family doctor about what is right for you.


Skipping for a half hour will burn approximately 300 calories, and this will increase as your skill level improves and you can skip faster for longer periods of time without a break. If you are burning an extra 300-400 calories per day, you can expect dramatic weight loss of about 1lb per week – as long as you are maintaining a healthy diet as well! Make sure you are counting minutes of skipping, not the number of skips, to allow you to build up endurance. Start with 10-15 minutes and work towards 30 minutes non-stop! If you want to add some tricks into your exercise routine, feel free to contact the Lincoln Leapers regarding our upcoming demonstrations, or for some great ideas!


Skipping is like plyometrics - without even realising it! Jump lightly on your toes, engage your quadriceps and engage your core for an all over toning workout! If you are having trouble toning your difficult calf muscles, or are looking for a way to improve the look of your hamstrings and quads – look no further! Grab a rope, do some regular skipping exercise and watch your legs change shape. In addition to a lower body workout, holding the rope and rotating is a great way to tone up stubborn shoulder and biceps.


Your cardiovascular system involves your heart, arteries and veins. As the blood is pumped from your heart, it carries oxygen to your body on the arterial highway, then back to the heart in your veins. Your heart is a muscle, and- like other muscles in your body – it gains strength and endurance from a good workout! Skipping and other low impact exercise (walking, jogging, biking, hiking, etc.) has been deemed the best way to improve cardiovascular function. This will not only effect your skipping and exercise ability and endurance, but you will find yourself less breathless in your daily tasks, more energetic and you may even experience improved sleep!