2012-2013 Competition Speed Records

These are the highest scores achieved by a member of the Lincoln Leapers in competition.

SR 30 Seconds Speed: 93 (Colleen Chapman)

SR Endurance (3 minutes): 427.5 (Colleen Chapman)

SR Power (Double Unders):

SR Power (Triple Unders): 128 (Krista Simpson)

SR Speed Relay:

SR DU Relay:

DD 2X60 Speed:

DD 4X45 Speed: 516 (Devin Braun, Blair Hutchings, Viki Filipek, Carly Simpson)

DD 3X40 Speed: 360 (Matt Delorey, Carly Simpson, Stephanie Yole)

DD 1X120 Speed: 399 (Chelsea Simpson, Elyse Dumanski, Lindsey Mens)